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Sony SmartWatch, Smart Wireless Headset pro announced

Apart from launching Xperia Ion, Xperia S and couple of Google TV devices, Sony also unveiled a few accessories dubbed as Smart Extras. These are SmartWatch, Smart Wireless Headset pro and Xperia SmartTags. These accessories should be available in Q1, although company did not reveal a specific release date.

SmartWatch: It is a LiveView successor and is basically a micro display for Android smartphones, to wirelessly access calls, messages and applications. It features 128×128 pixels, 1.3” OLED touch display, Bluetooth and is splash proof (supporting IP54). It also includes a vibrating unit, accelerometer and a hardware button.

Smart Wireless Headset pro:  It is a Bluetooth stereo headset that also works as a standalone MP3 player and FM radio when apart from the phone. It comes with a SD card reader and can handle SD cards up to 32GB.  Smart Wireless Headset Pro features a portable FM radio, and a two row display.

SmartTags:  Xperia SmartTags is a small round token and it can carry a pre-configured profile, which it launches in a NFC enabled smartphone when touched with it.

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  1. sir.i want to ask .. .. we get ..dese accessories …( smart sony watch , smart wirelss..headset pro. ..) in sony xperia go

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