Facebook looking for beta-testers for its official Android app

Facebook for Android beta-testingFacebook has announced that it has opened a beta-testing program for Android users. As a part of this program, the social giant is looking for adventurous Android users, who would like to test the beta releases of its official Android app and give feedback in case they spot any bugs or other issues.

“This new tool will help us get performance data and feedback from more people ahead of release across a wider range of devices and versions of Android.  The ultimate goal of the program is to release updates to Facebook for Android that are more reliable and better performing,” Ragavan Srinivasan, Product Manager for Facebook for Android, noted in a blog post.

Facebook is utilising Google Play’s newly launched beta-testing feature to seamlessly push beta releases of its Android app to select users.

Here is how Facebook describes the beta program and its functions:

When you join, you will get a small batch of fixes and new features every month. We ask that you use your app as you normally would, but submit a report when you encounter a bug or other issue. Because the beta build will have features that are still in progress, the app may be less stable than you’re accustomed to. Feedback on stability, as well as any other performance issues you experience, is crucial and deeply appreciated.

To become a beta-tester for Facebook’s Android app, you will first have to join this Google Group (why a Google Group? Google has made it mandatory for developers for use Google Groups or Google+ Communities to effectively select testers. It gives Google access to everyone’s Google ID, using which Google Play pushes the beta version of the app to you or other testers).

After that you will have to confirm to Google that you really want to become a tester by going to this link.

Chances are that you already have the stable version of Facebook for Android installed in your Android device, go to Play Store client and an update for the app will appear, update the app and you are now on beta channel.  Even if you don’t go to Play Store manually and automatic updates are enabled, Google will update the app to beta version for you.

You can give your feedback in that Google Group you have joined to be the part of beta testing or this Facebook Group, which the social giant made for the same purpose.

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