Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets now on sale in 177 countries

Amazon Kindle Fire HDAfter putting the Kindle Fire HD tablets on pre-order last month, Amazon has starting shipping them today. The company has also updated its listings to reflect the tablets in stock.

Both Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Fire HD 8.9 can now be purchased from (*) starting $214. You can go to this link and select your country from the drop-down to order the tablets. In related news, the company revealed today that it will start selling both the tablets in India beginning June 27 from, its newly launched marketplace for the country.

To remind you, Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets come with HD display, dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16/ 32GB of internal storage. The tablets run on a forked version of Android 4.0, thus don’t have access to Google services including Google Play, instead they feature Amazon Appstore.

You can read device-specific details in our original report.

(*) Note: Customers in Ireland and Gibraltar can buy the tablets from; for customers in Austria and Luxembourg from; and for customers in Monaco from

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