White Nexus 4 now on sale in India

LG Nexus 4 WhiteUpdate (May 28): After we reported about White Nexus 4 availability in the brick and mortar retail stores. The new colour variant has also popped up at online retailers Saholic.com and Flipkart. The phone can be purchased from the site now with an expected delivery in four days.

Also, LG has officially announced the White version today.

Earlier (May 27): While we wait for the official launch of the Nexus 4 White version, the smartphone has appeared in some Indian retail stores.  We have got a couple of confirmations about the availability from our readers, who were told by the various retailers about the White Nexus 4 stocks that arrived over the weekend.

An Indian XDA member Harshit actually went ahead and has bought one White Nexus 4 unit from one of these brick and mortar retail stores.  As LG is only selling the 16GB version in the country, the White version also packs the same storage and there is no 32GB version (if it even exists) on sale.

The pricing remain same as black version – INR 25,999 and the phone comes with LG India warranty.

White Nexus 4 has appeared in many leaks over the last few months including the press render that was posted by Android Police over the weekend, but neither LG nor Google have officially announced its availability till now.

More images of the White Nexus 4 unit (thanks a bunch Harshit):

Thanks Ishan, Siddhesh, Ramit, Pankaj


  1. naaa..i know that guy..he lives right in front my house…he bought it from store named benz located in naraina, new delhi…..i myself has used the device..:D


  2. dude even i use a nexus 4 since 2 months now and have tht barcode.
    the barcode is stuck to the thin plastic layer at the back of the phone. once the plastic comes out the barcode will also get removed along with it so dont be under the wrong impression.
    btw waiting for 4.3 😀 though its nothing great ..


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