NVIDIA to target mid-range smartphone segment with Tegra 4i: Report

NVIDIA Tegra 4iNVIDIA has indicated to The Motley Fool’s Evan Niu that it wants to focus on mid-range smartphones rather than fighting in the high-end segment. The company is preparing its Tegra 4i chip to cater the segment but it is still a long time away.

“The way that NVIDIA sees it, the high-end smartphone market is totally dominated by Apple and Samsung, both of which use in-house applications processors as much as possible. Apple only uses A-chips nowadays, and Samsung uses both its Exynos chips and Qualcomm’s Snapdragons. These are two OEMs that NVIDIA doesn’t think are worth pursuing,” The Motley Fool noted in a report.

According to NVIDIA, the first devices powered by LTE enabled Tegra 4i SoC will be landing the first quarter of 2014. So, Tegra 4 will have to hold NVIDIA’s fortunes for the next two quarters, however given the fact that first Tegra 4 devices are expected in the next quarter, there is some hope.

One comment

  1. Tegra 4i will have worse performance than Tegra 4 because tegra4i uses older cortex-a9 architecture while tegra 4 has cortex-a15.

    Not a single phone is announced this year with tegra 4 except one tablet from HP which will be available in August.


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