Can’t update Google Talk to Hangouts on Android, fix is on the way

Google HangoutsSeveral users are reporting that they are not able to update the Google Talk app on their Android devices and the Play store just shows an open button in the listing, no update option. If you are one of these users – don’t worry; Google has heard you and will soon be releasing a fix.

The company today posted a note in the Hangouts listing on Google Play that it is rolling out the update to everyone, but it is happening in phases, so hang tight and it will soon reach your Android device. Google also hinted in the listing that a tablet-optimised version of the Hangouts app might be coming soon.

Here is the full statement from Google:

If you aren’t yet able to install Hangouts on your phone or tablet, or the Play Store “Open” button takes you to the old Talk app, hang tight, we are rolling out Hangouts to everyone over the course of several days. Rest assured Hangouts will be available soon for all Android 2.3+ devices, tablets included!

To remind you, Google had unveiled Hangouts yesterday. It aims to bring an unified communications platform to the Google users.

“We’re launching a stand-alone version of Hangouts that combines text, photos and live video across Android, iOS and your computer. The app is fast, free, and includes a number of key benefits,” Google noted in a blog post.


  1. Those who are unable to uninstall hangout go through website and install from there. do not use play store app


  2. Mine says “Installed” but it hasn’t taken over TALK yet…… their posting states “if you can’t install” well, mine is installed…



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