White Nexus 4 appears again, this time in a video

White Nexus 4White Nexus 4 is screaming to get official and we really hope that happens tomorrow or some other day at Google I/O 2013. The White version of the smartphone, which was spotted in Philippines over the weekend (read our report from yesterday), has now appeared in Dubai at Qualcomm booth in a mobile show.

If Google and LG are indeed planning to introduce the White version of Nexus 4, we will know for sure at the Google I/O, which seems the apt time to release the new colour version.

The version spotted in Dubai looks same as the other White Nexus 4 phones, which have been spotted in the past at other locations.

It is important to note here, we don’t see the little nubs that were introduced in the Black Nexus 4 smartphone in March-end this year. So, chances are that these White Nexus 4 sightings are of the few White Nexus 4 units that LG might have produced to showcase the device but the broader release was never planned. Otherwise, those little nubs should be present in the latest sightings as they have been in the Black version for over one and half month.

So, don’t get too excited, as the chances of the White version reaching the mass market look bleak.

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