Panasonic to launch its first Android phone for India ‘P51’ on May 16

Panasonic P51 launch inviteAs reported earlier, Panasonic India has started sending out invites to the tech media in the country to announce the launch of its first Android phone for the Indian market. The company is holding a press event on May 16 where it will be unveiling P51 Android phone, which is made for the Indian users.

Panasonic is also running a TV campaign during the on-going Indian Premier League to promote P51 Android smartphone. The pricing and the exact availability details are unclear at the moment but will be revealed on May 16.

The company is reportedly going ODM route and is not manufacturing the phones itself, like it does for the Japanese market. So, it would be interesting to see the quality and performance of P51 and any other smartphones that it brings to the country.

As the phone has not been officially announced, the only details available have been taken from the P51 TV commercial. As per the TVC, the Panasonic P51 phone comes with a 5-inch HD IPS display (probably 720p), 1.2GHz quad-core processor (MediaTek?) and 8-megapixel rear camera.

We are anticipating aggressive pricing from Panasonic, so chances are that the phone might be released with a price-tag around INR 20-25K.


  1. 20 – 25K for Mediatek processor is not agressive pricing!
    14K (close to Canvas A116) would be the correct price.


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