Android might get app data sync soon: Report

App data syncThere might be a flood of Android app data back-up solutions available in Google Play; Android users are still waiting for something that will let them sync app data across devices. This wait might finally be over soon.

The tear-down of an unreleased Google Play Services APK file, which had earlier revealed the existence of Google Play Games, has revealed the impending arrival of app data syncing in Android.

Chances are that we might see Android app data sync feature in Android 4.3, which is reportedly being introduced at Google I/O 2013.

According to Android Police, Google is adding four new sync adapters in Google Account sync settings on Android. Two of these sync adapters – App Data and People details are currently visible while using the unreleased Google Play Services app, while the other two are currently hidden – Game data and Location reporting.Sync Adapaters

App data sync feature will probably be app dependant and if the developer chooses to use the Google’s solution, users will be able to sync that particular app’s data across devices. This is especially helpful for the Android users will multiple devices like a phone, 7-inch tablet and a 10-inch tablet- so after the implementation of app data syncing, users won’t need to add account details for every other app multiple times and also the other application data would be synced across devices easily, in-turn giving users a seamless experience across the board.

Game data synching is related to Google’s upcoming Play Games service, while People details sync in about syncing Google+ contact data on Android devices. There is no clarity on the location data sync right now, we will probably hear more from Google at the I/O itself.

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