Google I/O invite hints at gaming service launch, or may be at unified communication platform

Google IO InviteAn alleged Google I/O invite has appeared online. Sent to folks at Ausdroid by an anonymous tipster, this invite indicates that Google might be planning to launch the rumoured gaming service at I/O keynote on May 15.

The gaming service launch is a very literal interpretation of the invite, however if we look closely it is possible that the invite might be indicating at the rumoured unified communication platform launch (Google Babel aka Hangouts). Even in the previous Android related Google event invites, play has never been taken literally, so “Let’s play together,” might not really be a gaming service.

We know that gaming service is coming but it is expected to land with Key Lime Pie not Android 4.3 and also if we take into account the recent hiring of Noah Falstein as Chief Game Designer, Google would like to give him some time rather than launching the full service in just one month of him taking charge of gaming at Google.

Anyways the event is just nine days away, so we will know more very soon.  What do you guys think, do let us know in comments.

PS: There is no way to authenticate this invite unless someone who has actually received it officially confirms the same; otherwise it can very well be a nice-done Photoshop job. We checked the invite image thoroughly and also compared it to the previous Google invites. We did find a few discrepancies, so we are a little skeptical about it. So, take all this with a pinch of salt.


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