A real life review of Google Glass Explorer Edition [ABC News]

There is an information overload of Google Glass these days. With the explorer edition already in the hands on select developers, everyone is just talking about Glass, Glass and Glass. But, how do you get the information that matters the most. Read on.

Here is quick video review of Google Glass in real life conditions from ABC News’s Joanna Stern. It is pretty decent and covers most of the important aspects of Google Glass.

Here is what is going to happen on the Glass front in the upcoming days (a compilation of information publically shared by Google executives).

  • Google sends out Glass to all the eligible developers that signed on at last year’s Google I/O.
  • Google begins shipping Glass to #ifihadglass winners – 8000 people in US.
  • Google includes the feedback from developers as well as #ifihadglass winners in the final version of Google Glass.
  • Glass gets compatible with prescription wearables.
  • The retail version of Glass goes into manufacturing sometime around end-of2013/early-2014
  • Becomes available to public in 2014.

You can also read Joanna Stern’s full report on same here.


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