Android 4.3 spotted in server logs, might be headed to Google I/O

Android 5.0 might not be introduced at Google I/O 2013, in contrast to earlier speculations. New evidence has been uncovered suggesting that Google is planning to release another version of Jelly Bean in the form of Android 4.3.

What is the new evidence?Android 4.3

Android Police has found visits in its server logs that originated from Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 devices running Android 4.3 with build number JWR23B. The first character of the build shows that it is still being called as Jelly Bean.

The IP addresses of these visits were found to be associated with Google, cementing the fact that these visits might not be fakes unless someone at Mountain View is playing with them.

While this evidence is not official and could be faked with a little work, the supplementary sightings give it more credibility than just a random rumour.  The JWR23B build number was also spotted on Chromium project site pertaining to some errors, which also indicates that the build is real.

What we found in our server logs/ Google Analytics?

While, we are still looking in our server logs for similar evidence, but Google Analytics reports had some contradictory sightings. We found at least two visits from devices running on Android versions 5.0.x. It is quite possible that Google is already working on Android 5.0, but that is going to be announced around October-November and the company will just show-case Android 4.3 right now.Android 5.0

We are digging more and will update the post if something new pops up.

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