Google Glass consumer version ‘a year-ish away’: Eric Schmidt

Google GlassWe have been hearing about the 2013-end debut of Google Glass for quite some time now, but now it looks like this augmented reality device may not be available this year.  Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has told BBC Radio 4 in an interview that Google Glass’ consumer version is about ‘a year-ish away’ from public debut. Meaning, Google Glass is coming to stores or online around next year – around the Google I/O 2014.

Schmidt also talks about a range of topics in this interview including his new book, privacy concerns and more. You can reach Google Glass related comments at the 32:30 mark in the programme.

The first developers who registered for Google Glass at Google I/O 2012 have just started getting their units and after feedback from these developers, Google will reportedly be making changes to the final design of Google Glass and then they will be released for the public.

Google is also going sell Google Glass explorer edition to 8,000 more people in the United States, who were selected via Twitter/ Google+ contest.  So, along with the developers and these 8K people, there will be at least 10,000 people in the United States with Google Glass by the end-of-this year.

This is still no word on the final pricing of Google Glass and if Glass is really debuting in the mass market next year, any assumptions about the pricing would make no sense.


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