Ouya now has 10,000 game developers on-board

OuyaKickstarter funded Android-based gaming console Ouya is having a great time right now. The Ouya team recently started shipping the console to backers and is on its way to June 4 retail debut. Now, Ouya is saying that it has got 10,000 game developers on-board.

Ouya head of developer relations, Kellee Santiago, has told GamesIndustry International that Ouya signed up 2,000 game developers for the platform in less than a month.

“It’s really awesome, especially at this early stage of the console still being in the preview period. The last month I’ve been so excited to just interact with the Ouya developers who are really people who signed on to the mission statement of Ouya early on and are the people who are just as excited as we are about the platform,” Santiago said.

The new developers should surely bring more gaming titles to the platform, but that will take time.

The initial reviews of Ouya have been mixed and reviewers while praised the idea behind the console but also found problems with the execution. We hope the team behind Ouya is able to fix these issues before retail release.

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