First Google Glass unboxing videos, images are in

Google Glass UnboxingWith Google Glass shipments already reaching developers, the unboxing images and videos of the device have started floating around the web. This augmented reality device might still be a few months away from retail availability, but excitement is in the air, as the first people (not celebrities) outside Googleplex are getting these futuristic devices.

As per the images posted by Brandon Allgood and Arthur van Hoff on Google+, the Google Glass box comes with two visors, a carrying bag, power adaptor and Google Glass.

Another Glass user Dan McLaughlin has shared an unboxing video of the Google Glass, you can check out later in the post to get a closer look at the hardware.

To remind you, Google revealed yesterday that it is starting to ship (or let devs pickup) Google Glass and the developers who registered for the device at last year’s Google I/O will soon be getting emails containing the instructions.Google Glass Email

The device is being sold in Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky colours.Google Glass

Email Screenshot Credit: Techcrunch

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