Motorola X Phone is not one phone but a series of phones: Report

The only thing about Motorola that has been positively in news is the rumoured X Phone. Until believed to be a single device with superphone specs, is now turning out to be a series of devices, like the Galaxy phones from Samsung.

Online reports indicate that Motorola is working on a series of Android smartphones, which will be known as X Phone. Android & Me notes that the recently leaked unannounced Motorola phone is one such X Phone device. Tech media had dismissed the phone as they were anticipating X Phone to be a single device, but considering latest rumours that is not the case.

So, the leaked Motorola phone can very well be an X Phone device. According to Android & Me sources, the phone was an early prototype and the design has been changed since but the back of the phone is still the same. These sources add that Google owned Motorola is planning to sell this phone for an ultra-affordable pricing without contract, similar to what Google did with Nexus 4. If this turns out to be a real case, then we might see this X Phone device selling for as low as $199 or $250 on Google Play in a few months’ time.

The rumour about X Phone being a series of devices than a single phone also lines-up perfectly with the job posting about X Phone that was unearthed on Linkedin a few weeks ago. While it is not unusual, Motorola is more likely to hire am marketing guy for an entire series of smartphone rather than a single phone.

Another recent report from this Android blog had suggested that Google might be adopting Dell’s PC strategy – of letting consumers build their own PC – in the smartphones. While, we would certainly like this to happen, but it really seems very unlikely.

Android & Me has also noted that the first Motorola X Phone will be announced  in June, probably around Google I/O 2013.

Well, there is no way to authenticate these rumours, so we would suggest you to take these with a pinch of salt and not start dreaming about configurable smartphones just yet.


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