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Motorola job listing confirms X-Phone

A job listing by Google-owned Motorola on LinkedIn has confirmed the existence of X-Phone, which was revealed by Wall Street Journal in a report last year. The publication had reported that Google and Motorola were working to bring a smartphone and tablet codenamed X-Phone and X-Tablet this year.

The job listing was later removed from LinkedIn, but you can see it in a screenshot below.  This job listing does not reveal any details about this phone or when we can expect it. You can still see the same listing sans X-phone reference on Motorola Careers web page.

WSJ had stated that X-Phone, which is the first real collaboration between the two companies since Google acquired Motorola, will focus on superior imaging capacities and bendable displays. Google has reportedly even considered ceramic material for the body of the smartphone.

The smartphone is being rumoured for a Google I/O 2013 announcement, but we would not be surprised if Motorola reveals it at a special event.


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