OUYA ships early backer consoles, available in retail on June 4

OUYA, the Kickstarter funded $99 Android gaming console, has started shipping to the early backers and the deliveries will continue over the next few weeks. Chances are that early backers will start receiving their tracking numbers anytime now and the device should ideally land on their door-steps in the coming 5-10 days depending on locations.


Software update and more:

The early backers, who will soon get their consoles, have another surprise in store. OUYA team has also revealed that the console will be getting its first software update as soon as the units are switched on.

CEO Julie Uhrman noted in an email sent to Kickstarter backers that there are currently 104 games already available from the 8,000 registered developers. These games include Beast Boxing Turbo, Stalagflight, Knightmare Tower and more.

Retail availability:

In related news, OUYA console will be available in retail stores on and online on June 4th, and the same has been confirmed by the company at the GDC, and via an Amazon listing.  This Android powered console will be initially available in US, Canada, and the UK.

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