Motorola-made Nexus phone coming in 2013-end: Report

It seems a Motorola-made Nexus smartphone is finally coming after all. Many Motorola lovers were waiting for a Nexus smartphone from the company since Google acquired this US-based smartphone maker.

According to a report in Android and Me, this Motorola Nexus phone will be released in the end of year, around the same we are used to getting new Nexus smartphone every year.

“Motorola will release a Nexus phone at the end of the year. This device is not part of the “X Phone” brand,” the blog stated in a report.

While, there is no way to authenticate this rumour, a Motorola made Nexus seems more than likely at this point. Apart from Sony and Motorola, almost all big Android manufacturers have got a chance to build Nexus devices till now and it is only fair that Motorola also gets to build one.

Motorola made Nexus will give Google better opportunity to influence the device as despite letting it operate spate Google still own Motorola.

If this rumour is indeed true, then by the end of year, Motorola will have a decent portfolio of smartphones including the rumoured X-Phone series and Droid series smartphones.


  1. It is not correct to say that Motorola and Sony are the smartphone makers who don’t get chance for Nexus phone… Because the reference model for HoneyComb Android 3.0 (especially for Tablets) is made by Motorola (First pure Google Tablet with first Tablet only OS version of Android GB2.3 is for Phones and ICS4.0 is for both phones and Tablets). Thats a Nexus device, which was least successful..

    Also before that the very very first DROID phone (released in Verizon with STOCK Android 2.0 Eclair to counter first iPhone, which was released on AT&T) is made by Motorola. That DROID phone was a super-dooooper HIT… Thats NOT at all a Nexus device, but its again a FIRST ANDROID 2.0 ECLAIR phone with multi-touch functionality..

    Then Google released Nexus ONE through HTC. But initially Google asked SONY to make Nexus ONE, but Sony declined for some reason (may be price or not much interested in US market — Reason NOT dis-closed at that time)…

    Whatever, but the relation between Google and Motorola/SONY is always strong… Because Only they (Moto/Sony) lay all their eggs in ONE basket called Android. Yes, HTC, Samsung, LG, Asus all have devices running either WinMob_5/6, WP7/8, Win8, Bada, Tizen OSes… (Sony has made only one WinMob6 device, but stopped after using the Android)…


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