Top Android app updates in last 24 hours

We are back with yet another edition of top Android app updates in last 24 hours. We have seen quite some updates during this period including Google’s new offline Translate mode as well as info cards in Google Play Movies app.

Here is the full list of app updates and change-log:

Productivity Android apps:

Bump (version 3.5.7)


  • Bugfixes
  • Now Bump works with computers too! Photos, videos, files, everything. Just go to on your computer web browser and bump your spacebar key with your device. Seriously, it’s magic!
  • Now share files from your SD cards!

Download Bump for Android

Action Launcher Pro (version 1.5.1)


  • Shutters – finally, you can unlock the power & potential of Android’s widgets. Shutters are similar to a cover: press the app icon to load the app, but if you swipe the icon, that app’s widget will automatically be created & displayed. (Note that due to Android API limitations, shutters require Android 4.1 or later)
  • Full tablet support.
  • Many stability improvements.

Download Action Launcher Pro for Android

Google Translate (version 2.6)

More on Google Translate update in our detailed post.

RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk (version 3.2)


  • 6 NEW languages available!
  • Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • There’s more…
  • View goal progress and new personal bests immediately after your activity

New Elite features:

  • Share the start of your activity to Facebook & Twitter from the Start screen
  • Insights: View and analyze pace and distance progress over time
  • Elite-only badge

Download RunKeeper for Android

SongPop free (version 1.6.5)


  • User Music Profiles to Help You Find Even Better Matches
  • Detailed stats about playlists owned and mastered
  • Music compatibility scores
  • The ability to browse profiles to find your perfect match
  • See songs that you and your opponents have liked
  • Found a great match? Challenge right from their profile
  • See when your opponents are online
  • Unlimited challenges for VIP members
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Download SongPop for Android

XE Currency (version


  • Fixed issue with empty currency list when adding a currency
  • Edit Currencies option on currency list
  • Action bar added to the top
  • Add multiple currencies to your list at once
  • Fixed issues with graph lags and freezes
  • Improved drag and drop Edit Currencies list
  • Landscape view for charts and rates
  • Function allows users to share the app
  • Various user interface updates
  • Various bug fixes

Download XE Currency for Android

Springpad (version 4.0)


Springpad 4.0 includes a streamlined redesign and simplified navigation, including:

Easier Access to Springs

  • New Springs section shows what you and people you follow have added.
  • Springs no longer have to be placed into a notebook until you’re ready.

Enhanced Search

  • New Search quickly surfaces what you need, right when you need it.

Improved Notebooks Tab

  • View your notebooks and the notebooks you follow on one screen.

Additional Updates

  • Stability, speed and performance improvements

Download Springpad for Android

Kid-mode: Free Games + Lock (version 4.5.0)


  • Fixed Samsung Galaxy video issue.
  • Improved YouTube video support.
  • Play Timer as Premium feature.
  • New built-in FAQ, helps you find answers to your questions.
  • Traditional Chinese is now default on all Chinese devices except mainland China and Singapore.
  • Lots of stability and performance improvements.

Download Kid Mode: free games + lock for Android

Otaku Camera (version 4.7)


  • 3 New Frames have been released!
  • Check out Hello Kitty World, Meme, and Beauty Pack!
  • Also, now you can rotate the photo!

Download Otaku Camera free for Android

Entertainment Android apps

BBC iPlayer (version


  • We’ve dramatically improved video quality on the Nexus 7.
  • Our previous release caused some devices to crash…good news, we’ve fixed this!
  • Numerous fixes.

Download BBC iPlayer

TuneWiki (version 4.5.1)


  • Improved launch speed for maximum TuneWiki enjoyment!
  • Faster dashboard scrolling!
  • You asked, we answered: updates to the Library section!
  • Squashed all those pesky bugs

Download TuneWiki for Android

Google Play Movies & TV

Read more about the update in our detailed post.

WattPad: Free Book +Stories (Version 3.7.0)


  • NEW LIBRARY: A faster, slicker, completely redesigned Wattpad library experience! (NOTE: You can swipe covers to reveal more story info and reading progress!)
  • Bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

Download Wattpad for Android

Social Android apps

OkCupid Dating (version 3.0.2)


Everything…sort of! The app is now faster, more beautiful, and easier to use. Here’s the shortlist:

  • A new menu gives you easier access to Messages, Visitors, and Matches
  • New messaging interface – read while you reply

Download OkCupid Dating

Android Games

Real Racing 3 (version 1.0.59)


  • Fixed download issues for players encountering problems using 3G and 4G networks
  • Fixed some crash issues on particular devices
  • Addressed notification issues for alerting players when cars are ready
  • Fixed support for offline play

Download Real Racing 3

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    One rquest though, can u please include a one liner intorduction about the app which is getting updated.
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