Flipboard for Android updated, brings ‘Fetch for Offline’ option

flipboard-tabletFlipboard has released a new update for its Android application today. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements as well as ability to browse article summaries without internet connection. The app now also includes an option to reduce the data usage on 3G/ 2G networks, so that Flipboard does not ramp up your data costs.

Here is the full change-log (Version : 1.9.27):

  • Be more efficient with your mobile data plan via new “Reduce Data Usage” options under Settings.
  • Browse article summaries without an Internet connection. Enable “Fetch for Offline” per section or for all sections in Settings.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

The update however has brought some trouble for select Flipboard users. Comments in the Google Play listing indicate that application has started ‘force closing’ after the update.  We hope Flipboard team release another update fixing these issues soon.

In the light of recent announcement of impending Google Reader demise, Flipboard is news once again. Users are jumping to apps like Flipboard and Feedly for their feed reading needs.

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