First Samsung Galaxy S 4 review is already in

samsung-galaxy-s-4-frontChinese website IT168, which earlier posted a detailed photo gallery of the China Unicom headed dual-SIM variant of Galaxy S 4, has now posted the first review of this smartphone. After seeing the review, we are more than inclined to believe that we are not going to see any surprises at the today’s Galaxy S 4 launch event.

The Galaxy S 4 review has also confirmed several new software features as well as the new Touchwiz refinement that we are going to see in this Samsung flagship.

The new version of Samsung Touchwiz will include features like Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Airview (now optimised for fingers) along with already available S3 features like Smart Rotation, Smart Stay, Direct Call, Popup Video, and multi-window. On the Android version front, the phone runs on Android 4.2.1.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 software gallery:

Some new hardware details have also emerged like presence of Infrared, and lack of wireless charging. As recently reports, the S4 display packs a Green PHOLED technology, instead of normal AMOLED, but it is still Pentile pixel arrangement.

Some initial benchmark numbers:

  • Quadrant: 8127
  • Vellamo: 1522
  • Antutu: 25446


If you understand Chinese or are fine with the Google Translation, the full review is present here.

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