Reliance partners with Samsung for cheap 4G smartphones: Report

Samsung Galaxy Victory, a budget 4G LTE phone available in US
Samsung Galaxy Victory, a budget 4G LTE phone available in US

As Reliance Industries gears up for the nationwide 4G launch, TOI is reporting that the company has teamed up with Samsung to launch budget 4G smartphones on RIL’s 4G network. These phones will be priced as cheap as INR 5,500.

The TOI report further notes that these budget smartphones will be sold with attractively priced data offers, which will start as low INR 100. RIL is also planning to release high-end smartphones with contract-based pricing similar to what is done in US and parts of Europe.

Reliance is working to soft launch 4G LTE network in Delhi and Mumbai by mid-2013, followed by broader launch later this year.

Another interesting bit of information coming out of this report is a possible joint venture between the Samsung and RIL for something related to Reliance’s 4G services. Details are not clear at the moment on this venture.

“Samsung will not be just another vendor to RIL supplying handsets as it was when Reliance Infocomm was launched in 2002. They are seeking a much broader role. A possible joint venture could also be in the offering,” An inside source told TOI.

Chances are that these budget 4G LTE phones will be powered by Android, unless Samsung has some secret plan to release Tizen-based 4G phones.

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