US Judge reduces Apple’s $1bn patent award in Samsung case to $598.9mn

samsung-tab-ipadApple’s $1 billion patent win over Samsung is significantly smaller now. US Judge Lucy Koh, who is presiding over the case, has overturned the jury’s damage award citing the wrong calculation done by the jury to reach the damages. She has also ordered a new trial to consider the damages that Samsung actually owes to Apple; however she encouraged both parties to have the case reviewed by an appellate court before any new trial.

This is certainly a blow to Apple in the short run but the new trial might award the company even more money in damages but we can’t really predict the outcome the new trial.

Samsung stated that it was “pleased” with the decision to reduce the damages and added that the company “intends to seek further review as to the remaining award.” “We are also pleased that the court earlier found that Samsung had not acted willfully, denied Apple’s request for a permanent injunction, and denied Apple’s motion for increased damages,” Samsung noted in a statement.

Apple has not issued any statement till now.

Judge Koh also indicated that Apple was entitled to additional damages for sales of Samsung products that have occurred since the $1 billion verdict last year.

Further reading: WSJ, AFP, Foss Patents, Bloomberg

Image credit: Reuters

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