Motorola X-Phone rumoured to feature 4.8-inch display, Kevlar body

As soon as we got the first confirmation about the Motorola X-Phone, the leaks have started to appear. Although, we are not 100pc sure about them, they are worth reporting. According to a report on Phonearena, their tipster has told them that the Motorola X-Phone will feature a 4.8-inch display.

X-Phone was first revealed in a report by WSJ, which claimed that it is the first project from Motorola in which Google is collaborating. It might not be a Nexus smartphone, but Google is putting in significant effort to make it a great phone. The existence of the phone was confirmed late yesterday by a job posting by Motorola on LinkedIn, which clearly stated the job requirement for X-Phone project.

Coming back to today’s leak about Motorola X-Phone, the Phonearena report further includes that to increase the durability of the smartphone; Motorola is using Kevlar, which we have already seen in RAZR series.  It also notes that the phone will be fitted with a “much better camera,” not sure much better than what, but we hope it is better than earlier Motorola phones. Company seems to be using a Sony sensor on the phone.

Other details include the presence of a microSD card slot, internal storage up to 128GB (we highly doubt it) and a huge battery.

Here is quick guide of what the current leaks suggests about the Motorola X-Phone:

  • Stock Android
  • 4.8-inch display
  • Kevlar back
  • 3000mAh+ battery
  • Up to 128GB internal storage
  • Sony camera sensor

The phone is expected to be revealed at Google I/O 2013.

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