Update Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.2.2 manually [How To]

Hours ago, Google released Android 4.2.2 update for Galaxy Nexus smartphone. About 46MB in size, the update brings stability and performance improvements to the smartphone. There is no detailed change-log available right now, but we will update the post, in-case anything pops up.

Folks at XDA were able to get hold of the update file, which can be downloaded using this link (this is for takju build, use this link for yakju).

As not everyone gets the OTA right-away, we are posting instructions for manually updating your Galaxy Nexus. The process is made for advanced users, so if you are not comfortable doing any of this, please don’t proceed.

There are two ways to update your Galaxy Nexus:

1: Using Custom Recovery

If you already have a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM installed on your Galaxy Nexus, you can download the update file using the above link, save it to your Galaxy Nexus. Boot in recovery, apply the update file and you are done.

If you don’t already have a custom recovery, you can also update your phone using a temporary recovery. Download Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit, open it, make sure you have necessary drivers installed and have transferred the downloaded update file to your phone. Go to advanced utilities; choose the option for temp CWM. Your phone will boot in CWM recovery, apply the update file and you are done.

2. Using ADB Sideload

First make sure you have the latest ADB version installed on your computer, else install it. Now download the update file and put in a folder.

Reboot your Galaxy Nexus while holding the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.  You will see the fastboot menu and “Start”, use Volume Up button to navigate to “Recovery” and then use the power button to select it.

You will see an Android with a red exclamation icon, press Volume Up and Power buttons together, and you will be taken to a new menu. Go to “apply update from ADB” and select it.

Now, connect your Galaxy Nexus to your computer using USB cable.

Open command prompt in the same folder where you have downloaded the update file. In windows, you can press shift and right click, it will show the option “open command window here”.

Enter the following command:

adb sideload 472aafeb9fe3.signed-takju-JDQ39-from-JOP40D.472aafeb.zip

Let ADB do its work and you are done.

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