HTC Butterfly vs Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Galaxy S III

htc-butterfly-Note-2-galaxy-s-3HTC Butterfly has landed in the country and this HTC flagship (until M7 launches) will be directly competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III smartphones. Sony’s Xperia Z is still over a month away and Xperia Ion isn’t really a direct competitor to Butterfly.

Priced at INR 45,990, HTC packs quite some goodies, but would it be able to topple the Note II or Galaxy S III in the country. If we put the pricing aside for a moment, HTC does leave Note II and S3 behind in some departments including the obviously better display.

Butterfly packs a 1080p resolution Super LCD 3 display, which on any day is better than 5.5-inch or 4.8-inch 720p displays on Note II and S III. Even the S4 Pro processor leaves behind Exynos 4412 in benchmarks, however we are yet to see the real world performance of Butterfly, so jury is still out on that front.

Coming to battery, Note II clearly triumphs Butterfly in this section. S III’s 2100 mAH and Butterfly’s 2020 mAh batteries are pretty much same, but the 5-inch 1080p display on Butterfly is likely to consume more power than 4.8-inch 720p display on S III.

Pricing is going to play a crucial role in the purchase decisions of smartphone buyers in India, when choosing between Note II (INR 36,900), HTC Butterfly or Galaxy S III (INR31,900 (16GB)).

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