HTC M7 live images, render leaked; gives us first real look at Sense 5.0

HTC M7 has been talk of the town in the past few days, and why not – it is going to be the next HTC flagship smartphone. Arriving at Mobile World Congress, HTC M7 is still an enigma, but now thanks to today’s two leaks; we at least know how the phone is really going to look like.

First talking about the leaked render, it is not a press render, but has been made by someone who either had access to HTC M7 or had seen the phone photograph, thus there might be some odd changes from the real render, but it is still very close to the reality.

As you can see in the render, HTC seems to planning  quite a revamp of Sense in 5.0, the old style of icons are gone. HTC has also changed the Android button placement (in this case virtual, but we might see in the same in phones with physical buttons too).

Now, coming to live images, these images confirm what we have seen in the render, the same set of icons is present here. Company has also worked on a new lock-screen and the following screenshot also shows us the new widgets.HTC-M7-screenshot

As you can clearly see from all this, HTS is distancing itself from the older Sense design and for good. It was also a much needed refresh, considering Sense still looked very much like the very first HTC Android smartphones leaving odd changes.

Sources ( PocketNow, Android Police)


  1. Only one question…..If Sense 5.0 is around the corner, why ppl will buy Butterfly with Sense 4+ and then wait for months to get 5.0 update???? Poor strategy HTC. Also, after delivering spectacular design of One series phones why such a boring design? It is looking like a carbon copy of 8X except the OS. If this image is true I will stick to my One X for now and shift to GS4 later. Merely overstuffing the hardware without any detailed change in design and UI is a waste.


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