Android News from CES 2013

Looking for Android related news coverage from Consumer Electronics Show 2013. Head over to our CES Hub to get all the news, rumours and more.

Here are some of the top news:

  1. Lenovo announces IdeaPhone K900 with Intel Clover Trail+, 5.5-inch 1080p screen
  2. ZTE announces Grand S, coming in Q1 with 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core CPU
  3. Vizio aims at Nexus 7 with new 7-inch tablet
  4. Lenovo showcases new Android smartphones; heading to India, Russia, Indonesia
  5. NVIDIA announces Project Shield, a portable gaming console
  6. NVIDIA Tegra 4 official with quad-core Cortex A15, 72 GPU cores
  7. Acer announces Iconia B1-A71 Jelly Bean tablet, to be priced under $150
  8. Alcatel reveals One Touch X’Pop, S’Pop, M-Pop & T’Pop Android phones
  9. Alcatel announces 5-inch 1080p One Touch Scribe X and Scribe HD-LTE
  10. Alcatel announces budget tablets in One Touch series, starting $129
  11. Intel announces new Lexington platform; first phones from Lava, Acer
  12. Huawei announces Ascend Mate, blurs phone and tablet lines with 6.1-inch display
  13. Sony unveils Xperia Z, ZL; will launch globally in Q1
  14. Huawei Ascend D2 official, packs 5-inch 1080p & 1.5GHz quad-core CPU


  1. Acer announces 7-inch tablet Iconia B1-A71?
    Isn’t this specifically targetted for India? does it support Cellular connectivity?


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