Google, Motorola building ‘X’ phone, tablet; might come with bendable display

Google seems to have finally decided to make use of Motorola acquisition and is reportedly working on a smartphone codenamed ‘X’. The smartphone will be followed by similarly codenamed tablet too, reports Wall Street Journal.

WSJ adds that a former Google product manager Lior Ron is currently in-charge of the project. He was earlier a part of Google Maps team.Google-Motorola

According to the report, the project aims to provide a smartphone that will offer high-quality camera and great photo software, something that has been absent in Nexus series devices. The companies also seem to be considering bendable displays, and ceramic materials for the smartphone, but they have run into hurdles associated with manufacturing and supply-chain management. Despite the hurdles, the new smartphone is still due sometime next year.

Image and gesture-recognition software from Viewdle  that Motorola had acquired in October, is also being said to be used into the ‘X’ phone.

WSJ’s Amir Efrati claims that Motorola is currently only focussed on two fronts, building phone under Droid line-up for US telco Verizon Wireless and the project ‘X’, citing sources close to the development.


  1. Can’t wait for the “Nexus X” from Motorola, if I can call it that. Let’s hope there is enough weightage given to battery life as well.


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