Rumoured $99 Nexus tablet meant for emerging markets like India?

A new set of rumours relating to cheaper Nexus tablet has appeared online and they suggest that Google and Asus want to aim the tablet at emerging markets. It would mean that markets like India would be first to see the tablet, which is repeatedly being touted for a CES 2013 debut.

Digitimes, which came with the above news, also claims that the tablet will reach markets sometime in Q1, 2013. The publication notes that Asus has roped in China-based O-Flim Tech to provide glass-film-film (GFF) technology for the touchscreen of this $99 nexus tablet. This technology will allows the manufacturer to cut production costs and help in making the tablet thinner.

Digitimes adds:

The sources said O-Film reportedly started shipping products for the Nexus 7 in December 2012. GFF technology will help cut production costs for the lower-priced Nexus 7 as well as make it thinner, added the sources.

The report also adds that Google is aiming to ship 500,000-600,000 units of the tablet in the first quarter of next year.

In addition, Digitimes cites some market observers, who claim that making $99 tablet might not be feasible for Asus and Google, and the companies might release this cheaper Nexus tablet for around $129-$149. These market observers also add that the tablet will most likely be not released until second quarter as the first quarter is a slow purchasing period.

To remind you, this cheaper Nexus tablet is expected to feature Android 4.2, 1GHz, 400MHz Mali GPU, 7-inch  1024×600p display,  1GB RAM, 1MP front camera and a microSD card slot.

Launching a $99 or even $129 Nexus tablet in a market like India would certainly be a great strategy for Google as well as Asus, as the Indian market is already full of cheap Chinese tablets and they are being sold. So, this $99 will give consumers an opportunity to get a decent entry-level tablet at a decent price, and Google would get thousands of more tablet users with certified Google experience tablet in their hands.


  1. Funny how ignorant guys at ASUS are for not promoting NX7 in India, the biggest market…stupid A-holes…they just need to release it at same price as in the US.
    Guess they seem happy sucking upto the Americans!!


  2. Glad they have a Micro SD card slot. Hope that 1 GHz is a Dual Core. If they manage to provide a decent battery say 4000 mAh. Then, they have a winner here. But this all makes sense only if they launch it in India 🙂


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