LG might be planning to sell Nexus 4 at €599 outside Google Play

Reports are coming from several European countries that LG might not be planning to sell the new Nexus 4 as cheap as Google is selling it in Google Play.

Looking at the disparity in the pricing, a Spanish retailer has even dropped its plans to sell the phone, reported The Next Web.

According to the blog, Phone House announced on its Facebook page that it is suspending plans to sell Nexus 4 after it learned that manufacturer LG is to sell the phone at a far higher price than Google is offering directly.

Such pricing is not limited to Spain; reports from Italy, Austria, and Denmark are also indicate that LG is planning to sell the phone for around €599 ($768), which is a lot more than Google Play pricing of $299/$349 in US and €299/€349 in European countries.

Angry customers in Italy have taken to LG Facebook page to protest against such high pricing.

If this is indeed the case, we don’t expect a see a pricing less than INR 34-35K in India, whenever LG plans to release it, suddenly making it not-such-sweet-deal, which it was looking until now.

LG has not issued any statements till now, but we hope that LG gets its act together.


  1. I have been waiting for 3-4 months for new phones to release so I can upgrade from my old Nokia phone to a good smartphone. When I heard Nexus would be sold in November-end and priced around Rs. 20,000, I thought LG was a far superior brand to Samsung – by not differentiating between prices offered in US and India and by releasing the phone as soon as possible.

    But now I realise that LG is as stupid and unfair as Samsung and I’m definitely not spending my hard-earned money on companies that give this kind of treatment to India. I’m only going to buy a phone that is available in India for similar prices to what it is being sold abroad. Even if it means getting a Windows Phone.


    • same problem……
      I have been waiting for more than a year Ttp buy a good mobile…finally I thought I found one…
      and soooo disappointed to see this…
      I m even ready to pay 26k for it…but 36 is toooooo much…
      google need to expand its play store….

      and I m back to Sony xperia s….


      • @Ajay no point wasting 26k for Nexus 4, or for that matter any LG or Sony prod. go for samsung. atleast its a dependable co.


  2. LG, this is the atrocious decision to sell #nexus4 at this exorbitant price. Sell it at the same price as Google is selling in the Play store, this is the good chance for you to get into the Indian market, which you failed to get with your earlier phones.


  3. If this turns out to be true, LG will be the stupidest company! There will be huge smuggling from countries where google play devices is available… even more because the devices are unlocked. I am planning to buy one, and will just ask my bro in US to buy and ship me one! I hope LG and Google maintain their partnership in pricing too… Both should take this opportunity to make Nexus and LG a household name.


  4. Unbelievable, just when I thought LG was shaping up and getting its act together, they do the unfathomable, here in Cyprus a lot of people who I know wanted to buy the 16gb version for 350euro but when they hear this I doubt anyone will buy. I will definitely not buy it if it is sold at a price not equal to the one on Google Store. Stupid move if they follow with it, I do not know now if I will stick with android but I will definitely never buy an LG product if they raise the price. 350euro was a bargain and already a higher price than the US, do not mock europe LG, I once looked up to companies like LG but now that they have a chance to broaden their consumer interest… I just hope this isn’t true.


  5. LG is greedy.If launched at 32k nobody intelligent will buy this.People don’t take LG seriously and unfair high price will end LG in INDIA completely.Last nail in the coffin.


  6. LG making stupid thing if its planning to sell Nexus 4 for more than 22000 for 16GB model in India. If it sells within 22000 it sells like hot cake and it will beat samsung’s record of 30Million GS3 in few months and can give big competition.


  7. If not priced right in India then LG time to pack ur bags jus like Motorola did.. No one wud buy the Nexus 4 if it’s unreasonably priced here in India cuz first of all majority of them dont like LG products and there are very few Nexus lovers. Y wud any one pay so much for a LG wen one can get a Galaxy s3 or a better Xperia fone. LG has a good opportunity to create some wave with the Nexus and get some sales in the name of the Nexus but if taken India as a dump yard and throw a phone with ridiculous pricing compared to US then LG’s life wont be good anymore..


  8. I m quite surprised to see so much reaction from indian buyers for nexus pricing, cm’on guys u cant be serious, LG is a stupid company, we all know that, LG is a company which dont provide updates even for their flagships like optimus 2x and 4x. i wont even buy nexus 4 even if they offer me for 8k or less.


    (An LG optimus 2x and 4x buyer in India)


    • What are you talking about? LG does not do updates for Nexus phones – Google does. Actually this phone will be the first hone to receive all future updates.

      I would never consider another LG. But a nexus? Hell yes.


  9. I only considered this phone for being a Google ‘NEXUS’ series phone and not because of LG.

    Regarding the pricing i wish LG an advance R.I.P.

    Its time for Google to expand the Play store to India as well so the customers can get the Nexus 4 phone at affordable rates.

    Now i have to wait a little more to get the Nexus 4 from the USA to replace my Nexus S


  10. LG Nexus has been priced less becuz of a lot of factors.. No ear phones, no LTE, non removable battery, no memory card slot, only 8 & 16 GB available, the back of the phone (glass) has been reported to break easily, low call volume, netwrk connectivity issues (in US) and many other negatives found even before the actual launch. I can only imagine wat wud be the scene after 2-3 months. & we all know LG sucks in service and support. only good thing abt this phone is the nexus branding and nothing else. LG has totally lost its mind in pricing ridiculously expensive in some EU countries. A nexus loyalist wud rather buy a Galaxy nexus and any android fan wud go for a S3 or S2 or the good quality Xperia phones.. LG u suck big time. specially this time.


  11. Greedy LG … Stupid people never able to sold a phone in India. LG as a brand sucks big time …Their only way out of this to sell Nexus 4 with reasonable price that is 21k to 22k for 16GB. If these much stupid fellows will sell for 30k no one will buy it. Anyway samsung is no better it never lunched galaxy nexus in india . Learn from acer who sells 1 million nexus 7 a month because of pricing .


  12. lol I thought that LG will release the 16gb nexus 4 under 25k bt 36k is a bad joke,LG wont be able to sell much nexus phones with such a high price atleast not in a country like India where it doesnt have much of a goodwill in the smartphone segment. I think LG will be smart enough to maintain the price below or somewhere near 25k or else they will be doomed……..


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