Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X+, Nokia Lumia 920

Nexus-4-vs-Galaxy-S3-vs-iPhone-5-one-x-lumia-920-specsThe much rumoured Nexus 4 is official and will reach the first batch of countries starting November 13 for just $299 for the 8GB version. Packing some impressive specs, Nexus 4 seems to be ready to crush the competition and with its pricing, we donโ€™t see any road block.

Today, we are comparing the brand-new Nexus 4 with other prominent smartphones in the market including Appleโ€™s iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920. We will take a look at the specs, software, ecosystem and pricing in this comparison.

You guys can also drop your thoughts on each of these devices in the comments. If you were looking for a smartphone right now, which will you choose?


  1. lg nexus 4 is definately the phone jus for the features in that cost…
    i was about to buy galaxy nexus when i heard about this pricing…
    but what would it cost in india though…?? i m craving for a stock android phone….!!!


      • K.. Can u please let me know,How can we buy the Nexus 4 in india, I am Asking this because there is no Acess in play store to get this mobile right ?

        And can u let me know the price of Nexus 4 in india?

        Thanks in Advance


      • You can not buy it until November 13 anyway and LG India has stated it is planning to launch the phone by November-end in the country. It is best if you can wait till then, or else you can ask someone who has access to one of initial launch countries to get you one.

        There is no official pricing out right now, but expect it to be priced around INR 20-21K…


  2. Wish LG will keep the same Specs and Material/components used in India too, then i’m in. Its time to replace my Nexus S ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m against SAMSUNG in India as they do change the specs/component vendors to do the cost cutting. Hope LG won’t follow the same for NEXUS.


  3. I used iphone 4s,SIII .
    Time to experience something New….
    Lumia 920. Just need to get the data transfer over the air with other devices.


  4. @gaurav- thanks mate.. its everybodys dream to own this device in ur hand..
    black color looks sexy with nexus logo on..
    wonder how white color will look.. ummmmm…


  5. Why buy any other Android phone when one gets the best hardware at unbeatable prices from Google? And to top that, one is assured of getting all the latest updates to Android instead of waiting and praying for updates with Samsung, Sony and the likes….


  6. I am sorry Gaurav I beg to differ, the Nexus 4 (8 GB) will probably be launched for 25k and I think this has been the trend with Google phones in India. Nexus S was launched at 29-30k. Also LG’s non nexus phones like 4XHD and all have been priced way too high! I really doubt it will be launched for 21k or so, unless you have inside information( which i clearly don’t have access to ๐Ÿ˜› ). But a good comparison overall must say !


      • Well the ones priced at 299$ are for unlocked versions. In fact in the US, the locked version or the carrier versions are expensive and cost anywhere between 399-499$ for the Nexus. However it is a completely different story in India, plus if they at all release such a phone in India, they’re only jeopardizing sales of other androids, specially own LGs. Although only time can tell. Just an opinion anyway and good to have you back on androidos!


  7. @abhishek- exactly my point..
    no chance in india they will launch it so cheap.. if they do, its a miracle.. it has never happened and will never happen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  8. @abhishek- yes dude i completely agree with u.
    i cant see them jeopardising their own optimus series for the nexus sales..
    i think this phone is gonna hit 30k+ in india 16 gb


  9. @ everyone- pls check this 3 mins video just recently uploaded of nexus 4
    no fake.. full body design n all is explained.. m IMPRESSED !!

    @gaurav shukla- mate, if can get this video as a new thread in your blog, it will help everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚
    CHEERS !


  10. Guys plz dont buy LG, as it has a serious problem of jeopardising its own brand. they shun their own flagship handsets. i have LG P990 ( OPTIMUS 2X) AND LG P880(OPTIMUS 4X HD) 2X is still running on gingerbread and 4X is on ICS, and they have just released a statement saying 4X wont be getting JB update. 2x and 4x being flagship handsets of LG, its a shame.


  11. I wud also like to add a new tagline to LG.
    “if you want android updates for your phone, then why buy LG”

    Hindi mein ek aur tagline

    “agar aapko regular updates nahin chahiye apne android phone ke liye, toh samsung kyon lein, LG na le lein”


    • Arnav, u r mistaken, even though its google branded nexus, there will still b problems. even samsung’s nexus s dont get updates regularly in india. nexus brand is even worse. first of all its w/o sd card, updates are also not timely in india. i m 100% sure it wont work in india. even samsung’s nexus s was not a great success here in india, neither will be lg’s nexus.


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