Airtel launches 4G LTE services in Pune

Pune in Maharashtra just became the third city in the country to get access to 4G LTE network. Telecom operator Airtel on Thursday announced that Pune resident can now get 4G LTE modems and start using LTE. The telco had earlier launched 4G services in Kolkata and Bengaluru.

Airtel has also announced the availability of Airtel Broadband TV and Games On-Demand service for LTE customers.

Here is look at their 4G plans:

You can find more on Airtel’s 4G services on their website.

Airtel had also become the first telecom operator to launch a 4G LTE smartphone in the country in the form of Huawei Ascend P1 LTE. There is no word on the pricing or availability of the phone, but as and when it is available, now consumers in three cities will be able to use 4G on that smartphone.

The smartphone only uses 4G for data in the phone; the voice calling is provided over 3G or 2G, as per the network availability.


  1. The whole game revolves around POST FUP SPEEDS .. it seems Airtel will render 128kbps which = my EVDO dongle speeds. So thumbs down!!


    • FUP isnt going to work.. even if you give me free, i will opt to wired dsl with unlimited downloads and fixed speed. that is cheaper than ur 3g leave 4g services. ( many private ISP out there at my location here in navi mumbai, and i am paying 12000rs for an annual plan for upto 10mbps + mumbai hub=80mbps, super low latency, and no fup, no speedcap nothing.) and ur 4g is just another showpiece.


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