HTC launches 5-inch 1080p phone ‘J Butterfly’ in Japan

So, the rumours were true after all. HTC has today announced its brand-new and first 1080p Android smartphone in Japan. Dubbed as HTC J Butterfly, the smartphone features a 5-inch 1920x1080p Super LCD 3 display, and will be launched on Japanese telecom au by KDDI.

It’s not just the display; the internals of the smartphone are also rocking, HTC J Butterfly packs a 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro processor, Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and 2020mAh battery.

The smartphone also comes with microSD card support, LTE connectivity, NFC, HDMI out, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, and Infrared.

HTC has put Sense 4+ on the smartphone, which was recently seen on company’s One X+ smartphone.

HTC J Butterfly will go on sale in Japan in early December with Red, White and Black colour options.

There is no word on the international launch right now, but we should hear an announcement pretty soon.

The smartphone certainly packs everything to get excited about, what do you guys think?


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