Exclusive: First images taken from LG Nexus smartphone appear online

When it rains, it pours and that seems true for the Nexus leaks, just after we posted the two set of leaked LG Nexus images, we were digging for more information related to the LG Nexus and were greeted with the first images taken with this smartphone.

These images were posted on Google’s Picasa web albums via three different users and carry the smartphone code-name Google mako in the the EXIF data, unless someone made the effort to edit EXIF data, create multiple accounts on Picasa and then upload them, these images seem authentic.

Google mako codename was revealed in the images that were leaked hours ago and it is in line with previous codenames for Nexus phones, which are named on the fish names and mako is a type of Shark.

  • Galaxy Nexus family – tuna
  • G1 – trout
  • Nexus One – mahimahi
  • Nexus S – herring
  • Xoom – stingray

Both the users seem to be LG Korea employees, but we were not able to confirm the fact.

Some of these images have 3264×2448 size, suggesting that they were taken with an 8MP camera. So unless the user has reduced the image size in camera settings, we are going to see an 8MP camera on the LG Nexus smartphone.

Full Nexus timeline:

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  2. Nexus phones coming from LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony: Digitimes
  3. Google Nexus program getting revamped, LG Optimus G Nexus coming in November: Report
  4. LG’s upcoming Nexus smartphone gets detailed


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