Nexus phones coming from LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony: Digitimes

It seems the rumours suggesting multiple Nexus smartphones might be true after all. After WSJ, Android & Me, now Digitimes is claiming that Google is expanding the Nexus program and taking a totally different approach than what we have seen until now.

According to the rumour king, Google aims to launch smartphones based on its Nexus platform in cooperation with a number of smartphone vendors like Samsung, LG, Sony Mobile and HTC.

There is no way to authenticate Digitimes’ claims, but considering the similar reports we have seen in the past few days, it seems very likely.

Digitimes also adds that Google is apparently letting hardware manufacturer decide the looks and specifications of the upcoming Nexus phones, which is a change from company Nexus program policy until now when Google was actively involved in in the designing and hardware selection for Nexus phones.

Similar to what Android & Me reported earlier, there are some conditions in play, but manufacturers seem to be fine with that.

In a separate report, we are now hearing that Google has already started handing out Nexus devices to Google employees for dogfooding. For those of you, who don’t know what dogfooding is, this wiki article will help.

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  1. Wonder how this one will be made, this is just a wild guess by me. Body and UI by HTC, internal hardware by LG, Exynos SOC by Samsung and last but not the least, the imaging technology by Sony.


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