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HTC Rhyme ICS Update RUU live on HTCDev

htc-rhymeIf you haven’t already spotted this, similar to the HTC Desire S ICS update RUU, the HTC Rhyme ICS update RUU has also been uploaded on It is unlikely that HTC will be releasing an OTA update for Rhyme, so this is your last resort to get Ice Cream Sandwich on your Rhyme smartphone.

This RUU is for the EU and WWE (Worldwide English) versions and is 456.7MB in size.


Installing Ice Cream Sandwich update via RUU is pretty simple. All you have to do is install the device drivers if they are not already installed. Then connect the phone using USB cable to the PC and run the ROM update utility.  (Make sure to take backups of everything.)

After the process is finished, you are will on the Android 4.0 with Sense 3.6.

(Direct link to RUU)

75 thoughts on “HTC Rhyme ICS Update RUU live on HTCDev

    1. OTA- U would get update for ur phone via network/online refers as FOTA- Firmware Over The Air UPDATE
      All the same.
      CRC is nothing but Cyclic Redundancy Check-A test to see whether data has been transferred properly over a modem or to and from disk media. The sender of the data adds a check number to the end of the data being sent, and the receiver applies the same check to the data and compares the number it gets with the check number. If they don’t match, the data can be requested again.
      It is for developers for performing/building new updates/firmwares for particular phones.
      RUU- ROM Update Utility-it is noting but updating ur cell by manual installation Via PC.
      hope that satisfies for ur knowledge.

      1. Hi dear friend,,I wanted to know whether can I update my HTC Rhyme from Pakistan or not…??
        secondly which method is better n safe…via phone or via pc..??
        I am from Karachi,Pakistan

      2. As i had mentioned earlier in my post of updating ICS through RUU which is available in EU-Europe & WWE-World Wide English.Which basically means you can, so can all of the people all over the world.Except Non-carrier cells.
        And to be mentioned there is NO option of updating RUU via phone.And YES too only if u get updates via OTA-over the air.
        As for PC mode it is much better option than rest of all.
        Make sure u also get all the back-ups of ur valued data.
        good luck….!

      1. Great job.c i told u it wont b a problem at all.hope u had backed up ur personal data.

      2. I am using my Rhyme with stock gingerbread. I have no major issues. Sometime i feel like background softwares are eating too much RAM and my phone works slow. I have to restart my phone to make it work properly.

        I want to know if i upgrade to ICS would resolve this kind of problem. i.e. if ICS would handle these annoying background processes and apps.

        I’ll appreciate your help.


      3. In G.B it has has that lags/slowing down,if u had put some overly market apps/games.
        And YES after ICS upgradation u will see some tremendous performance that it will deliver.But the background processing of apps/services will always be there unless u change it manually as per ur need.but even with all those happening at the background u wont notice a thing when u play any game/watching movies…
        To be remind you that i had almost over 60-70 market apps+games installed on my cell & yet it still works like butter.
        You can check Screenshot pics from my other post in this thread.
        dont forget to back-up.
        Happy phoning…!!!

  1. Hi Sagar,
    I recently received below mentioned reply from your side thanks for your response but may i know why its been deleted..

    Author: Sagar Kammar
    It works flawlessly for Any user in INDIA….n its completely awesome…though u may miss some old UI schemes from the upgraded one.but u would get some great performance from ICS upgrade.
    Heres some Screenshots of Recently upgraded Rhyme ICS.
    Manage your subscriptions:

    1. Its again there might be some site issues……ok sagar could you tell me that is my all phone memory would be lost is i have to reinstall every application or any alternate you know to backup every thing

  2. Dear Author,

    i already bootloader my handphone and try to install RUU from but some error, ERROR 155- image error… can you help me what to do next…. TQ

    1. first get to the idea that whats the real necessary of bootloader is for.It is only meant for unlocking your stock rom for further tweaking/rooting your cell.unlocking your bootloader wont going to help u at all,either u keep ur original stock rom OR root ur phone for further customization as per ur likes.the error probably is for the same reason,i would guess bcoz ur stuck in middle.neither ur cell is in stock rom mode/-/ neither rooted my suggestion either go with stock n upgrade it with ICS OR root ur phone n upgrade it & give a long kiss goodbye for any warranty claim/any update FOTA for ur cell.
      NOTE:-Unlocking/Rooting voids the warranty of the cell.So if you can deal with it go ahead do it responsibly.

    1. as it is mentioned WWE (World Wide English) Version,It will definitely work on non-carrier cell.However it depends as if it may have some issues with Verizon version cells.This update is for Non-carrier cells.
      I guess HTCDEV has released update for carrier cells too.
      Hope that helps for ur doubt clearance.go ahead update it with ICS.Its so easy to accomplish in fraction of mins.And ull get a nice creamy Ice-Cream filled Sandwich in ur cell,….Errr..!!But dont eat or lick it daily-wise.LOL…!
      Anyway the update itself is astonishing, which is so smooth to operate,it just doesnt get any lag/glitches,no matter what app/games u throw at it.
      u can check screenshot of cell with ICS upgrade link from one of my below posts.
      NOTE:-To be mentioned here for the fact that Icing on Ice-cream Sandwich is updating cell to ICS brings screenshot support.,which was not available for previous versions although was available as an app through play store but precisely paid app.
      So enjoy with new ICS upgradation.

      1. @Sagar, In Rhyme we can take screen shot by holding power button and clicking home soft key……….

      2. Yes u can but only in ics N with POWER BUTTON n VOLUME DOWN BUTTON N not HOME BUTTON,but u shud press both button together at the same time.
        Good luck.

    1. Go to n den get into kernel source code downloads.when u c all the downloads filter by device name RHYME. n look for 456.7 MB download file for ur cell by region as EU for Europe n WWE FOR world wide English. Ur choise.
      Good luck with updating.
      Don’t forget to backup.

      1. Some few things to get sort out b4 updating.
        1.Back-up ur data(contacts/msgs/….)the data will be completely wiped out from the phone keep that in mind,Although ur SD card wont be affected.
        2.keep the battery charge over 50 %.n make some free space in phone memory for updating.
        3.keep ur phones screen timeout/Sleep to NEVER Turn off,disable screen-lock.
        4.install any drivers of ur phone needed for pc ,n HTC Sync.
        5.connect ur data cable to pc-cell>run the RUU app>READ CAREFULLY & follow the instructions before proceeding further.
        Within 10-15 mins the update will finish.
        Good Luck with update.

  3. I’ve downloaded the ruu
    I connected my rhyme to system with usb debugging via cable running xp sp3
    I ran the setup ruu every thing is fine
    But at last stage i got error please connect usb cable
    Plz help me

    1. i guess u didnt read the instructions while installing the RUU.the phone shud not b put to screen timeout to minimal,keep it never to timeout,lockscreen.
      And try again if all goes good.
      Good Luck.

    1. Go to Settings>Language & keyboard>in Keyboard & input methods >Touch Input -go to its settings>at the below ull find personal dictionary-u can edit or sync…ur choice.
      Hope that helps.
      Good Luck.

  4. Hi I’m gonna get my update my Rhyme to ICS. Any advice on Backup or any snags I might hit?
    Anything I should keep in mind before I get this?

    1. Some few things to get sort out b4 updating.
      1.Back-up ur data(contacts/msgs/….)the data will be completely wiped out from the phone keep that in mind,Although ur SD card wont be affected.
      2.keep the battery charge over 50 %.n make some free space in phone memory for updating.
      3.keep ur phones screen timeout to NEVER,disable screen-lock.
      4.install any drivers of ur phone needed for pc ,n HTC Sync.
      5.connect ur data cable to pc-cell>run the RUU app>READ CAREFULLY & follow the instructions before proceeding further.
      Within 10-15 mins the update will finish.
      Good Luck with update.

      1. well technically i cant give you,but You have to take it yourself.
        Go to n den get into kernel source code downloads.when u c all the downloads filter by device name RHYME. n look for 456.7 MB download file for ur cell by region as WWE FOR world wide English.
        Good luck with updating.
        Don’t forget to backup.

  5. dear sagar, i am from pakistan i have installed ruu from htc dev.but there is a problem.from where i found htc rhyme sync software ?? and what option will be chosed ??connect to phone? connect to sd card or sync the phone?

    1. you can get htc Sync S/f from htc support website .n it only supports syncing ur phone,no sd card connection(either-way u can connect ur cell to pc withoust sync s/f as it asks for sd card connection/hotspot/pass through internet on ur phone itself …theirs no need for htc sync for that purpose.
      i hope that helps…..!
      Good luck..phoning.

  6. mr sagar i downloaded the ruu whch contain 456.7 MB…….but u was telling in before comments v can run those files but tat ruu files was not .exe so how can i run t…….it contains so many files with this folder—–>bliss-ics-crc-3.0.16-5423ef1…………wat can i do pls reply step by step sagar…………………..reply pls

    1. in dat folder der r only 2 files 1 is pdf file for updating help,n other is .exe file which is to run for further process.
      Rest run exe file n u just follow step by step instructions it gives n proceed further.
      it aint no rocket science
      for updating ur cell n wats other thing u need to consider wile updating,just follow my posted comments from this thread.
      hope that helps.
      Gud Lk…!

      1. mr sagar can u pls gimme the link to download tat 2 files whch u told…..i tried very well n got fed off 🙁 ….pls help me

      2. Go to n den get into kernel source code downloads.when u c all the downloads filter by device name RHYME. n look for 456.7 MB download file for ur cell by region as WWE FOR world wide English.
        download it,update it,eat it[ICE-CREAM SANDWICH].
        not the phone…!
        gud lak.

    1. RUU is Rom-Update-Utility is nothing but updating ur cells ROM to newer version,keeping ur cell upgraded to latest software.
      1.Back-up ur data(contacts/msgs/….)the data will be completely wiped out from the phone keep that in mind,Although ur SD card wont be affected.
      2.keep the battery charge over 50 %.n make some free space in phone memory for updating.
      3.keep ur phones screen timeout/Sleep to NEVER Turn off,disable screen-lock.
      4.install any drivers of ur phone needed for pc ,n HTC Sync.
      5.connect ur data cable to pc-cell>run the RUU app>READ CAREFULLY & follow the instructions before proceeding further.
      Within 10-15 mins the update will finish.
      Good Luck with update.


  7. Hey, I hv updated HTC Rhyme to ICS through RUU but its could have performance like 2.3.5 (Ginger Bread) ,, HTC Sense not working properly, & other issues…!

    So, its possible to get back HTC Rhyme Stock firmware which is 2.3.5 (Ginger Bread), if yes then from where & how to do.. or could I went to HTC Service Center for Firmware update back to 2.3.5 (Ginger Bread)..

    Moreover, I hv download CRC 2.6.35 v2.3 file but how to install it ..?

    Please Help me !

    1. Firstly after ICS update,i heard none issues from any1 not majorly though,but infact it gets more power pack than GB; new UI,gr8 performance,n less RAM accessing of background app n….All in all it works for most of the users.I cant really tell wat caused ur cell to perform low or having issues.but if it is has so,I wud say give it another try.
      Do a factory reset[most users perhaps didnt try/seen it but reseting ur cell from ICS lands back to ICS only,its like only formating ICS only. it never goes to GB,if it goes ur luck by chance.]
      but doing this perhaps it might refresh ur cell,n hopefully resolve ur issues.
      however theres a new UPDATE for RHYME after ICS update which comes through online directly to ur cell[keep trying for updating software on ur cell for a while]It might show up sooner.which dat too resolve ur issues further.And it had worked for me very well.
      To be remind u i have installed almost over 70-80+ apps n games.n yet it performs like buttery smooth.
      If u cudnt get to GB n u want it badly den perhaps try it in HTC SC.
      As for the file u had downloaded,it is for developers to develop any apps/updates for that cell,u cant do anything with dat,unless u r developer n u know wat to do with it.

      hope dat helps.
      Gud Luk….!

      1. u mean to say , I hv to update my phone through RUU once again?
        Whereas, I hv already used that option factory reset but still no improvement…

        Its possible to Re – Updated my Phone through RUU Once Again?

        bec when i was using 2.3.5 at that time also same problem faced & no improvement by factory reset,, & then i went to the HTC SC, they update my phone & then works superbly ..

        I also dont want to downgrade my phone version. So, Let me know can I Re-Update through RUU Once again or to use any other RUU file for better performance.

        I hv used this file RUU WWE (RUU_Bliss_ICS_35_S_HTC_EU_2.14.401.2_20.72.30.0833U_3831.17.00.17_M_276226)

        Thanks & Regards..

      2. well dat depends If u had gone back too GB,if u want to update it for ics again.however HTC sc can revert from ics to GB.but perhaps from cell itself its not possible.If u have reverted to GB by urself/HTC SC.den u can again update to ics.
        But updating ics on ics,i dont think it wud b possible.
        N i wud suggest too, dont get stuck with GB;coz ICS will have further more updates to come.and that will further improve the performance of the cell.
        N ders no other RUU file for update except dat.
        just tell me at wat state ur rite now.ICS/GB.?
        And wat issues u r having with it.


      3. Presently My phone hv ICS,,

        the problem is very slow application loading ,, then home screen is not as smooth as before in GB,, its little bit flicking in ICS ,, when, I exit any application then , it will take very much time to load home screen . I hv nt install any launcher ,,its default , htc sense!

        Moreover,when I touch any icon to open that application then it will take 2-4 sec to open. As before in GB not like that , app will open instantly ,,,,

        whereas , basic app like to make phone call, it will 2-4 sec to open an app & when we touch a contact to person to whom we call that process also take some sec to execute ,,,

        like above mention , problems r there in ICS

      4. I think ur problem might b lies within ur cell itself of how u use it.
        do 1 thing just take the screenshot of ur cells settings/apps/apps running/developers option/n others.
        for reference go through this link n perform some of its options on to ur cell if it fairs better for ur cell.
        meanwile also clear the apps caches from all apps stored in ur cell from ALL apps options.
        If that works for u let me know.
        NOTE: If u dont know how to take a screenshot of ur cell just perform this task.
        Press Power Key+Volume down button together at once. hold it till it clicks the pics.

      5. Finally, I got Performance in my Phone by doing following steps:

        1) ‘Factory Reset’ by Press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ button, and then briefly press the ‘Power’ button. Version of Phone remains on ICS.

        2) Reinstall the RUU file in my phone again. ( while updating this time, its take little bits more time to update). Update Successfully !!

        Now, what!! my phone performing better then Gingerbeard,,,WoW !!! Amazing !!!

        Thanks to HTCDev Team for providing information as above..

        So, Now If anyone wants to update your phone by using RUU file then, first ‘Factory Reset’ by Press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ button, and then briefly press the ‘Power’ button & after this update your phone by using RUU file…!!

        Best of Luck !!

  8. Hey yall! I got a question. I have a Verizon Htc Rhyme. It is already rooted. I just used this HTC one click root program. Its also flashed to Page plus. Can I update my phone to ICS? If so can someone point me in the right direction please? I dont want screw it up and have redo it all!

    1. Of course u can update to ICS,but since ur cell is already rooted,i wud suggest to go for custom rom even jellybean if its available/iCS.
      Dont go for stock its plain n simple n boring….!ehhh.
      head over to XDAdevelopers forum n get the custom roms for ur cell.ders lot of others custom rom too available,but if its suits ur verizon version,dats questionable.
      hope dat helps.
      Happy phoning…!

    2. i am also using an htc rhyme on verizon i would like to know if there is a RUU for the ICS or GB i recently tried to root my phone and it turned into a disaster long story short i am running on radio and hboot 1.32.0004 which is very out dated and will not even do an OTA i would really like to get back running on software version 2.3.4 or even newer, if anyone can point me in the right direction PLEASE PLEASE do so, i also have a thread going in android forum, please HELP!!!!

      1. I regrettably have to say that theres no OFFICIAL ICS update for Verizon Rhyme,coz its not yet released by Verizon.And many Verizon users do complaining about that.
        But since u r stuck in way deep down in the hole of hell of phonism…LOL[cudnt resist]just kidin’..Jokes apart.
        however i have found some related verizon RUU files
        Links below:
        Download the latest 1.Run it n follow the instructions carefully.If it doesnt do at the 1st time,Then [u hav to run the ruu with unlocked bootloader and cwm recovery(if phones recovery wont work) first] then relock the bootloader close the ruu open it again then run the ruu and it should work.
        As for the Rooting is concerned i think it is a complicated thing but yet easy to perform,only if u do every step correctly n following the instructions.But i strongly recommend to go for ROOT,since u can get even ICS too.If u r waiting for update from VERIZ-ON-OF BITCH of ICS then forget it about ur rhyme,by the time u get it ur phone will be dead drop.
        So my suggestion go 4 Root.Link below for rooting of rhyme in complete detail with files n steps to do.
        get consult with forum members n do so only after u fully aware of rooting.

        However i still dont know on which os version ur on/is it dead already.
        Wait R u Wacky13 from Android forum.If so urs n ur phone is really a curios case.I have never cn so much problems ur facing,NO Offence but either u r doing it wrong or not following the exact step-by-step method,u r just so confused into it,that u dont know wat u r really doing,which is just the real problem ur facing.u just messed up urself.clear ur mind start fresh.get on with it from the beginning wat went wrong at 1st place.point it out the mistakes n move upfront to the end. u may get the exact problem u looking for,try again for recovery from their.Perhaps it will.
        In the END u n only U can clear the mess u r in.
        Hopes to hear from u soon. if things get lucky for u.
        Good Luck..

      2. thank you,,, for replying, i recently fixed what was wrong with my phone with the great patience and help from brian and scott in my thread i have got my phone back working with one of the RUUs from the link you posted and rooted, i do want ics on my phone now that im rooted, you said its possible? if yes where could i get the steps on how to getting it on my phone… lol yes im wacky13 and i was extremely confused more mad and frustrated that there are not any custom roms for the cdma version i believed i have looked EVERYWHERE also on the RUU for 2.3.4 which is the software version i had when i received my phone , and freakn Verizon sucks ass!!! i thought i hate iphones more than any other phone but now this GIRLY phone is #1 on my list of worst phones ever. but im stuck with their great network coverage because where i moved to verizon is the only service that works on cellphones. also on prepaid 4G is not available which is the dumbest thing ever!!!

      3. oh i just looked at the other link the xda one…. i have seen it multiple times … i have been contemplating on that because im not sure if it will work on my phone because its cdma and not gsm,,, will it work because im rooted?? i think that is what screwed up my phone in the first place, idk if it was because i wasnt rooted or because its not for my phone.

      4. Well good to know that u have finally got the fine working root.i guess u r in GB OS rite i.e.2.3.4 but now with rooted.
        However as for the ICS is concerned for ur VERZIN(:-D) Rhyme[cdma].I do has seen a guy in Android forum who has updated his wifes VZ Rhyme [rooted] to ICS way before the offical ICS has been released.but now im trying to search in the forum, hes vanished,i guess the thread is been deleted or what.
        And he has got that ROM from some Chinese sites which he literally has to go through a lot of troublesome n translation n all to get that file correctly at the end.
        but he does posted that at the Android forum n it was in the month of aug-oct may be.But i dont know why it is not there at this time.
        Well keep u updated if found though.
        And as for the GSM version of RUU compatibility with VZ rhyme is concerned.It shouldnt work n should work too.coz some people have tried that EU version on VZ cdma n they reported some issues with it saying wifi wont work,radio,..n some but mostly needy apps dont work with that update.since u r rooted may be it will work but i cant tell which 1 EU/WWE.Most people tried the EU,some r accepting dat n living with some issues n some luckily worked out for perfectly may b coz of root.
        however theres a some update for VZ Rhyme on HTCDev,its just small bloatware update which just removes some unnecessary apps n bugs.
        But first get 1 thing no matter what u do,whatever tweaks u perform.
        keep the main file from flashing ur rhyme goes back to stock OS.
        In which case no matter what u do u still have a BACK-UP Plan[Stock OS]

        hearing from u soon.Meanwhile can u post some screenshot of ur rhymes s/f credentials from settings.
        C u soon.

      5. no thats not the link i had i said i seen it in Android Forum n not in XDA forum.
        And do U mean to say that u r downgraded below GB, wats dat Eclair/froyo?.
        If it is so then u really need something to get upgraded soon.
        will try to find the way atleast to get the GB.
        will keep u updated on this.
        Good luck.

      6. hey erica,I may have got some
        good news for your Rhyme Cdma verzin[;-D].theres a forum where a guy has
        updated his rhyme cdma version to ICS-rooted with a custom rom from
        However I do hope u may have a updated somehow,but if u dont then this may help to upgrade to ICS.
        Heres the link & theres a bunch of files in as per ur need n update it.
        However hes claiming to be the update for Jelly Bean but after looking at screenshot,it clearly shows ICS.
        Hope ull get it if u have not got chance of updating ur rhyme.
        good luck hopes to hear from u soon.

  9. Guys the link to the Rhyme update 4.0 redirects HTCdev home page. Can any one tell me the alternate download link or tell whats wrong with this one. Tried through Kernel source code also but redirects to home page. help

  10. I hv updated my Phone using RUU file to Android 4.0.3. few month ago.

    but from last couple of days I am facing problem with my battery charging, when I plug to charge my phone then its normally upto 57% & then its halt & very slowly increased upto 92% & again halt while charging process going on & on with orange led….. Then after when I restart my phone its show 100% battery & led turn into green. I have used different chargers also but same problem with all charges.

    I have done factory reset two times & flash rom by ICS RUU File last time but no improvement.

    Then I went for software update from local market,,everyone r refuse to update my phone & told that this problem is due to unofficial Android Version 4.0.3. but however a person who ready for update they warn that may be phone goes dead, so I am afraid now.

    HTC SC also cant able to flash rom.

    What to do now , how to come out from this problem????

  11. i want to update my htc rhyme but i cant find which region my phone is of, how can i check which region is my htc made of ? and is there a way to update my htc rhyme to ics if my region is not available in ?

  12. where u from n where u have bought ur cell from.If ur particularly from Europe region say,Spain,Germany,French,UK or so.U should opt for EU Region.Or If u located in other part of the world except Carrierd cell likes of Verizon,AT & T,Sprint,then this update is not for u.But If u r not carrierd cell like that then U can update ur cell to ICS with WWE Region which means WORLD WIDE ENGLISH.So this update will help u.
    Hope it helps.
    Good luck.

    1. i have a non carrier i.e unlocked htc rhyme and u r saying that it wont mess up my cell unless i update it with wwe region . and what should i keep as carrier htc or htc asia ? what is Kernel and RUU ?

      1. U dont have to choose from asia carrier or anything.Just download the RUU file of 456.7 MB of ASIA WWE region,u shud b gud with it n update it.And it wont mess ur cell either.

        And the Kernel is a software/firmware version nos. of OS[GB/ICS/JB…].for every firmware there will be new Kernel is just for confirmation purpose n mostly helpful for developers to identify of OS version for creating any new updates.
        RUU is Rom-Update-Utility is nothing but an application for updating ur phones ROM to newer versions[ICS/jellybean] like Flashing ur ROM n Upgrading with newer ROM.
        Hope that helps.
        Happy Phoning…!

    1. only if u can find the GB Stock ROM update file. however there are available in some forums to download the files[Google it may be],but will it going to suit ur cell thats doubted.
      Even though u can do it from HTC SC,perhaps they might charge some. but it will be worth not taking the risk rather than doing it yourself.
      hope that helps.
      Gud luck..m/-

      1. 1 more question i want to ask is that: is there a way to back up the os as i already have ginger bread on my cell

      2. s u can only if ur phone is rooted.With root u can back up entire os customize it as the way u want.there are several apps which can perform that functions.But do remind u that rooting voids ur phones warranty n later if any problems persists while rooting n it goes dead u r cooked,coz its very hard to get back to normal after dead,so follow the instructions carefully before rooting.however u can still revert back to normal after rooting to unrooting n still be in warranty period only if ur phone is not dead n if u have successfully rooted ur phone.
        So my suggestion carefully execute Rooting.
        There are tons of information on the web on how to root ur phone.
        Hope that helps.

    Kernel Source Code, Binaries and Updates for HTC Android Phones

  14. i have updated my htc rhyme from 2.3.5 to 4.1 … i am feeling that its is a bit slow specially while texting….i want to roll back can any one tell me how to rollback to 2.3????

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