Quora launches Android app with voice search integration

The question-answer based website, Quora has made its way to the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. Quora for Android comes with voice search integration, home-screen widget support and landscape mode for a comfortable reading experience on tablets.

The app’s search bar is prominent on every screen inside the app. Integration of the search function into the device’s search allows users to browse through Quora without opening the app. The voice search feature is as simple as it sounds. By simply tapping the microphone icon, you can ask Quora anything you’d like.

Android users love home-screen widgets. Quora for Android comes with the Top Answers on Quora widget for the home-screen. Users can personalise it by size.

Another feature of the app now lets users insert images straight from their device camera into question details, answers and comments.

Here’s what the developers at Quora had in mind for the Android app – “When we set out to build an Android app, we wanted to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the Android platform to extend your experience of Quora in new ways. Our app was built and designed for Android from the ground up, and follows modern Android design principles so it looks and feels great, even on older devices and platforms.”

The decision to launch the Android client comes on account of Quora’s growth on mobile which accounts for over 25% traffic. The team behind Quora for Android took cues from the site’s functioning on the mobile platform to develop an even better app for Android.

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