Ice Cream Sandwich now second biggest Android version, official Android blog debuts

Google has just updated the Android distribution chart, our one stop source for the market share of individual Android versions, and the number are encouraging.

Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0 has finally left FroYo behind and is the second biggest Android version with 15.9pc share. On the other hand, Gingerbread continues to rule the Android world with 60.6pc share and we don’t see it losing the top spot any time soon.

The all new Jelly Bean has also appeared in the data with 0.8pc share, because of its presence of Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus S devices.  We hope to see the numbers rise even more in the coming days.

Other Android versions:

  • FroYo: 15.5pc
  • Éclair: 4.2pc
  • Honeycomb: 2.3pc
  • Donut: 0.5pc
  • Cupcake: 0.2pc

In other news, Google has finally started an official Android blog for consumers. Developers always had the Android-developers blog, but now consumers will also have another place to get all the Android news from Google.

The URL is

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