Sony still deciding Jelly Bean update plans, nothing final

In the wake of recent news originating out of UK, Sony’s global team has come out and clarified on the Jelly Bean update plans. Sony noted on its official blog that nothing is final in regards to Android 4.1 updates and the recent statement by UK team was made in error.

So, there are still chances that company might push Jelly Bean to some of the 2011 Xperia series smartphones, if not all.

“We are actively investigating Android OS upgrades for all devices, but in the meantime, our Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for Xperia S and 2011 Xperia smartphones continues as planned,” Sony stated on the blog.

On the other hand, company also announced that the ICS roll-out will continue as planned and Jelly Bean plans will not have any impact on that.

Jelly Bean Android release was announced by Google at the I/O developer conference and since then every consumer is waiting to hear if his/her device is getting the update or not.

None of the manufacturers have revealed a final list of devices getting Jelly Bean update, but flagship smartphones like HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and others are pretty much certain of getting this update.

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