Sony Xperia neo L to cost INR 18,499 in India, coming soon

As Sony is getting ready to launch Xperia neo L in the India along with Xperia go, the smartphone has appeared on Flipkart, revealing the price. According to the site listing, it will cost INR 18,499 INR 500 less than Xperia go.

Sony Xperia neo L will be the first smartphone from the company to come pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich. It will also feature 4-inch display, 5MP rear camera, front camera, 1GHz processor and 1460 mAh battery.

The smartphone also comes with 512MB RAM and is expected to be launched very soon in the country. There is no word on the exact launch date, but it is going to happen sometime this month.


  1. This is 2012 and it has only 300 MB memory for user available, but the price is high, if u r sony fan then go for sola better spec for same price.


  2. I am a big sony fan but the internal memory issue disappoints me.
    I would choose Sola, Go, P or S rather than Neo V, Active, Arc S and Neo L


  3. What kind of marketing Strategy is this..??

    Sony Xperia U,Xperia Go and Xperia Sola all having a 1ghz dual core CPU 512Mb of ram..
    U having a front facing cam where Go and Sola not.
    In the other hand U habin only 4Gb of Internal memory with no SD card support where the other havin external SD card slot.
    And if u check the price (U Go and Sola) its 16K 18k and 19K.

    So what special about this Xperia L.
    Neo V having almost same specification….
    So it will be better to go for Neo V or Sola i think…


  4. I have bought this one here in Singapore, the price was roughly Rs.16500. Fantastic one for me as this is my first smart phone. Can’t say how much will excite the ‘android gurus’ though! Screen and graphics look excellent.


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