Karbonn planning to launch Jelly Bean tablet, smartphone in September

Indian manufacturer Karbonn seem to be jumping on the Jelly Bean train pretty fast. The company revealed in media interaction earlier today that it plans to release an Android 4.1 smartphone and a tablet in September this year.

While we are sceptical about the timeline and whether the company will be able to deliver Jelly Bean devices this fast or it is just trying to cash in the Jelly Bean hype to get some media coverage. If it is indeed able to launch the devices, it would certainly be a big feat for manufacturer, which is still trying to get in the groove of smartphone/tablet arena.

Google is expected to release the Android 4.1 source code in mid-July and then only manufacturers like Karbonn will be able to get the work started on their Jelly Bean devices.

According to information released by the company on these upcoming Jelly Bean devices, the smartphone will be dubbed as A25 and will feature a 4.5-inch display. On the other hand, the tablet will be known as ST4 and it will have a 9.7-inch display with Gorilla Glass protection. Company has also stated that it plans to price the tablet around INR 11,000.

If the rumour mill is to be believed Asus is planning to release the Nexus 7 in the country this October and that would the second tablet to be released in India with Jelly Bean on-board.

What are you views on Karbonn’s plans, do let us know in comments..


  1. sources are not out yet. compiling, testing and bug fixes takes lot of time and then one have to do hardware testing and other stuff. maybe they’ll launch mobile with “Jelly Bean ready” i.e. a future update.


  2. jelly bean porting will not be difficult for any manufacturer after the release of its source code. Becouse jelly bean(android 4.1) is 95% similar to ics(android 4.0).So every ics phone is theroticaly able to run jelly bean.


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