Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA incoming, do CDMA Android phones sell in India?

Samsung is expected to launch a CDMA version of its mass market Android smartphone Galaxy Y in the Indian market soon, suggests a listing on popular online retailer Flipkart.  Spotted by folks over Telecomgyan today, Galaxy Y CDMA will have slightly lower specs than its GSM cousin.

Galaxy Y CDMA will come with a 600MHz processor unlike 832MHz in the GSM variant. Other specs are expected to remain same – 3-inch QVGA TFT, 2MP camera, 1200 mAh battery, 140MB internal memory, , Wi-Fi,  3.1 Mbps EVDO Rev A. network and Android 2.3.

As Samsung gears up to launch this CDMA Android smartphone, a very important question about the popularity of CDMA Android smartphones in the country arises. We haven’t really seen them picking up and the telcos are partly responsible for them. Unlike the GSM teams, the CDMA telco teams of Reliance and Tata haven’t really tried to launch many Android smartphones in the country or even if they launched odd ones, there was hardly any marketing.

CDMA operators can offer cheaper data plans with Android devices, which should surely help in boosting the CDMA Android market in the country. Manufacturers will also need to work with telco to offer contract based phones or offer other kind of deals.

Until that happen, CDMA Androids have a bleak future in the country.

Thanks Rajat


  1. There is enough interest in CDMA handsets – just go through forums like rimweb and see.

    It is the policy of Reliance and other CDMA operators that there is such a dearth of quality CDMA phones being released in India. Of the few that are released, atrocious pricing makes them unattractive plus no proper support and upgradation. e.g Reliance did come out with the Galaxy i500 but it was priced at 32k and still running Eclair!! I think the price has come down a bit now, but without atleast Gingerbread update what is the use?


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