HTC to temporarily close cloud storage service; Sense users will lose all data April 30th

In a move that leaves me scratching my head, HTC has announced that it will temporarily shut down its cloud storage service, HTC Sense,   in what appears to be a renovation phase. Now, it’s not so much that they’re calling it quits for a brief spell that has me confused, it’s what the Taiwanese smartphone manufacture intends to do with its entire database that surprises me.

When the cloud storage service closes its doors on April 30th, HTC will erase all of its user data stored on This means you have just over 30 days to download your content and store it elsewhere before it’s gone for good.

Launched back in 2010, the intention of HTCSense is to compete with the likes of Apple’s iCloud storage solution, but has had a bit of trouble keeping up in the race over the past two years. HTC has decided it’s time to go back to the drawing board and being forth a complete renovation of the product to make big waves in 2012 and beyond.

HTC sent out the following letter to warn customers to secure their data before the big day:

“Dear customer, is undergoing a renovation to improve the services and value we deliver to customers like you,” the letter starts. “Until the new services are ready, features previously available on will be shutting down. If you have been using to sync your Contacts, Messages, Footprints or Call History, you can download your data through April 30, 2012. After April 30, your data will no longer be accessible and will be deleted.”

With the HTC One series on the horizon, it looks like users who were hoping to migrate their data from an older HTC phone to their shiny new toy will now have to come up with another solution. This move doesn’t affect me, however, as I’ve always been a firm believer of backing up my contacts with Google and using Dropbox for my cloud storage service.

What about you? Are you an HTCSense user, or are you already set and not worried about it?

Via: PocketLint

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  1. This cloud-thing always puzzled me. I am infact of the opinion that one should print-out their address-book at least OR have a back-up on 2-3 different sites, just in case. I recall having doubts about storage and HTC has just proved my point.


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