Gameloft releases Zombiewood for Android (Not available on Google Play Yet)


It looks as though Gameloft has quietly published a new game, though it is unavailable on Google Play just yet. You can’t even get this game from the Android section of GL’s store. Have no fear though, as there is always a workaround and we’ve got info on how you can grab GL’s newest title, “Zombiewood“.

First, let’s talk about the game itself. Zombiewood is a top-down shooter with 13 maps and 68 missions to keep you busy. Along the way, you’ll have to mow down more zombies than an episode of, “The Walking Dead,” while earning upgraded weapons and other in-game trinkets.

Zombiewood Features:

  • Run and gun as you shred through waves of zombies that get progressively harder to put down.
  • Become the ultimate survivor! Power-up your hero with more destructive weapons and cool gear.
  • Enter a hilarious journey with cartoonish characters and environments inspired by Hollywood hits.
  • Unleash the fury with a huge arsenal including dynamite, flamethrowers, shotguns and more.
  • Discover 13 maps and 68 missions to complete on foot or while driving crazy vehicles.
  • High-octane action with auto-aim and continuous fire for maximum damage.

Zombiewood Gameplay Zombiewood Gameplay

Zombiewood Gameplay Zombiewood Gameplay

Now, if you’re looking to try this one out for yourself, you’ll need to access your WAP Gameloft store and it should be listed there. If you still can’t find it, drop over to the Gameloft Store and search for Zombiewood; then, enter your device’s manufacturer in the bottom pull-down. Zombiewood cost $2.99 and Gameloft has not announced any plans on bringing the game to Google Play.

If you buy it, be sure to let us know if it’s any good. Perhaps we’ll pick it up and do a video review if there’s any interest.

Via: DroidGamers

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