ARCHOS G9 tablets see Global Ice Cream Sandwich OTA

There is nothing quite as satisfying as waking up one morning to find an update waiting to be installed on your device. This feeling is only magnified when you discover that it is Ice Cream Sandwich. That is what many owners of the Archos G9 tablet series started seeing today. Keeping true to their word, they have started pushing out the OTA to all of the G9 owners around the world.

The update brings all the wonders that is ICS like faster web browsing, the rich notification bar interactions, resizable widgets and so much more. In addition to the standard ICS OS side of things, you will also find a few ARCHOS specific additions. In general that could be a bad thing, but ARCHOS is doing what they can to enhance the experience rather than detract from it. After you update you might notice that you can play back nearly any video codec at full 1080p resolution along with automatic downloads for video information and subtitles when available.  Tossing in some DLNA love to wirelessly share content to your compatible TV and 3d video support for MKV3D files. If that isn’t enough, they have also enhanced their file explorer app with better optimization and full drag and drop support.

If you haven’t seen the update hit your G9 yet, don’t panic. OTA’s can take a few days to a few weeks to hit everyone. Some may not even notice the update at all. You will want to keep an eye out for a small “A” located at the bottom right of the device. When you see it, click it and away you go. Be sure to have plenty of battery life to download the update and install it to avoid any issues. Anyone out there already install the update? What are your thoughts about it? Did ARCHOS doa good job, or did it make things worse?

Via Press Release

One comment

  1. Upgrade went fine. I’m finding it quite jerky. Seems to pause randomly for a second – just freezes and then continues on its merry way ! …


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