Track US Presidential Elections with New York Times ‘Elections 2012’ App

Want to follow the United States Presidential Elections; New York Times has released its Elections 2012 Android app that provides a comprehensive coverage, curated content as well as live election results on-the-go.

“Now political junkies can take advantage of our one-stop shop for campaign news and analysis no matter what smartphone they use. With the new Election 2012 Android app, we’re now offering live election results and maps across five different mobile apps and our mobile Web site. It’s another example of how we’re extending our tradition of digital innovation to the mobile world.”

Fiona Spruill, editor, emerging platforms, The New York Times

NY Times Elections 2012 App Features:

  • Live results on primary and election nights
  • County-by-county maps for every primary and caucus
  • Voting projections from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog
  • A delegate tracker for the Republican nomination
  • Enhanced live blogging, with up-to-the-minute analysis during debates and primary nights
  • Tip sheets of must-read articles curated by political experts from battleground states
  • Content from The Caucus and FiveThirtyEight blogs
  • Campaign-related columns, Op-Eds and editorials from the Opinion section.
  • Personalized to highlight new content since the user’s last visit.
  • Election Guide, a dynamic collection of campaign data compiled by The Times.

Access to the app’s top six stories is available to anyone who downloads Election 2012. Unlimited access to the app, including the Election Guide, is available to New York Times digital subscribers.

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