Google to replace Sanjay Jha with Dennis Woodside as Motorola Mobility CEO

After Nikesh Arora, now Dennis Woodside’s name is popping up in the list of potential candidates to replace Sanjay Jha as Motorola Mobility CEO once the merger with Google is complete. According to report in Bloomberg late last night, Google is close to naming Dennis Woodside to run Motorola when the deal closes.

Dennis Woodside was President Ad Sales for Americas at Google before leaving to oversee the deal with Motorola. He is Google brass’ favorite among the list of potential candidates including Christy Wyatt, Motorola Mobility senior vice president, and Chief Strategy Officer John Bucher. Surprisingly, Bloomberg report does not mention anything about Nikesh Arora, who was projected as the next Motorola CEO by Business Insider in a recent report.

Coming back to Woodside, he is a law graduate from Stanford and started his career as a Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney and joined Google in ’93 as Director Business Operation and worked at various posts before taking the last job of Director Ad Sales Americas in 2009 after Tim Armstrong left for AOL.

If Dennis indeed takes place of Jha, he has a gigantic job lying in front of him. Motorola hasn’t really shown its a-game till now and is facing a lot of heat from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Apple and LG as a mobile manufacturer.


  1. Whoever takes over must come out with the first killer Motorola NEXUS Google phone and this has to be good. Considering the fabulous line-up of devices coming out of the Moto stable, this should be natural progression.


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