HTC Sense 4.0 previewed

HTC is expected to unveil a new version of its Sense UI at Mobile World Congress along with its smartphones Edge and Ville. Dubbed as 4.0, Folks over Pocketnow got a chance to play with an early build and have shared their impressions.

According to the blog, Sense 4.0 is a big improvement over the previous versions and will bring several new features. Sense 4.0 will also be the first iteration to come with landscape support on home-screen.

Notifications bar will now have more functionality and you will also be able access it without unlocking the phone. Company is said to have improved email client a lot and it is now one of the best looking and most functional email clients on Android.

Similarly, there are enhancements in browser; a new Reader mode has been added, like the one you would have seen in Safari. You will able to mark content as “Read Later” or “Watch Later” from the browser and it would appear on a widget.

HTC is also introducing a guest mode in the phone, so you will able to define which app should be visible when guest mode is on. In guest mode, the calling and data will not work and it can be activated by switching Scenes.

Sense 4.0 will mark the entry of Beats Audio support in other music apps on the smartphone not just the default player app. Dropbox will get more integrated in the phone and you will get 50GB of free data at the time of initial setup of the phone.

Sadly there are no screenshots right now, but you can read more such juicy details of the UI at the source.

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